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Jam with Jameson: St. Patrick’s Day

Jameson Irish Whiskey celebrated St. Patrick's Day with a two-day celebration at The Island in BGC and the nightlife district of Poblacion, Makati last March 17 and 18. This was a gathering of Manila's biggest musical acts, interactive booths, overflowing cocktails, and Jameson sorbetes. Twenty Micro-influencers were tapped with the brief to promote the event through their social media platforms.

(Left to Right) Migo de Vera, The Cooking Whale, Karl McGoat, Mavs Faller, and Ryan Cruz (Clarity_ry)

The brief was to promote the event by sharing their favorite Jameson mix and the details of the event. Micro-influencers are known to have a more intimate audience with a higher engagement rate. Let’s take a look a the results below.

The Micro influencers were able to produce 8,000+ engagements, 10,000+ views, and reach 336,000+ audience.

Thanks to their intimate audience, their posts are reached higher percentage of their followers and a lot more of the people seeing their content are actually engaging with it. This is a quality Influencer Marketing, one that Blogapalooza pioneers. Blogapalooza is up to the challenge of amplifying your brand's campaigns. Send us an email for your Influencer Marketing needs.



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