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Blogaccounts feature: Kaojao

Kaojao serves as a social selling assistant platform equipped with multiple features to help businesses on social media and Facebook sell products easier.

Kaojao wanted to promote their services using long-form media on platforms best suited for informative yet captivating content. One nano influencer was selected for this campaign.

Henritz Perez was tapped to promote his business and explain how Kaojao assisted him with his daily operations and sales.

The long-form media and nano-influencer produced an engagement rate of 1.7% on YouTube and 5.5% on Facebook.  YouTube is the original platform for long-form media and the world’s second-largest search engine. The platform’s algorithm matched the execution of the campaign. Facebook helped with accessibility and mobility for phone viewing and quick search. Long-form media on both platforms performed with a high engagement rate and reach. The intimate audience of a nano-influencer was an advantage to the campaign.

A 10-minute video proved to be useful for an awareness campaign on Facebook and YouTube. The extended format allowed for in-depth storytelling, capturing the audience's attention, and driving engagement. Working with a nano-influencer in this campaign facilitated deeper engagement and resonance with the target audience, maximizing the campaign's impact and effectiveness.

Working with Blogapalooza expands your reach, leverages strategic expertise, and achieves measurable success in influencer marketing. 

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