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Blogaccounts Feature: Edmark Live Mall

Edmark Live Mall is an online mall best known for their kitchen and household appliances. Their entertaining and informative demonstrations set them apart from their competitors. Edmark Live Mall celebrated Father’s Day with the #GreatTatayBudolSale. Six micro lifestyle influencers were carefully selected to promote this campaign. 

Ryan Tresplacios, Eryka Lucas, Chal Maling, Abby Tabladillo, Gio Kawachi, and Mommy Maite were tapped to share their favorite kitchen experiences and other details about the promo.

The influencers produced an average engagement rate of 8.07% and total reach of 940,800.

Micro influencers have active and close relationships with their followers. Their following allows them to connect with their community on a personal level. The campaign sparked authentic conversations about the brand.

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