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Blogaccounts: #FundadorSuperSpecial #MakeItSpecial

Fundador recently launched a new product called Fundador Super Special. In December 2023, they initiated a campaign titled #FundadorSuperSpecial #MakeItSpecial to raise awareness about the product. To help spread the word and engage consumers, Blogapalooza collaborated with 30 influencers.

The brief was to create informative content highlighting the product's appeal for everyday enjoyment; and, create an emotional connection between the product through relatable lifestyle scenarios. Additionally, the content should portray the product as a symbol of achievable luxury.

30 influencers published a total of 72 posts which reached a wide audience of 729.2K and generated 6M impressions. The campaign was successful in engaging audiences, with an engagement rate of 2.44%

Through the influencers' diverse platforms and engaging content the campaign positioned the product as a symbol of achievable luxury and solidified its appeal for everyday enjoyment. As a result, the campaign drove consumer interest and engagement.

Influencer marketing is a way for businesses to connect with audiences through people they trust. By partnering with influencers who share similar values, companies can increase brand awareness, engagement, and sales. It helps create genuine relationships with customers, enhances brand image, and generates valuable user-created content. This makes marketing efforts impactful and effective.

Working with Blogapalooza expands your reach, leverages strategic expertise, and achieves measurable success in influencer marketing.

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