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How Enervon Reached 100M TikTok Views for Their #IbalikAngHappy Campaign

Enervon launched their #IbalikAngHappy campaign last April and the campaign aims to spread the message of bringing back the energy and happiness in the lives of every Filipino. after two challenging years during the pandemic.

For this campaign, we tapped various TikTok content creators to tease and promote the #IbalikAngHappy song in partnership with Ben&Ben. During the pre-launch phase, the TikTok influencers encouraged their followers to watch out for the premiere of the song on YouTube.

Once the #IbalikAngHappy song was out, our TikTok creators then shared the song by incorporating it in their own content. Since each creator have their own style and niche, we were able to come up with various creative executions on how they are able to promote the song and Enervon's message. We also have some sustaining efforts to promote the messaging even after the launch of the #IbalikAngHappy song. Various TikTok creators shared their happy moments with their followers.

We are so happy that this campaign exceeded the brand's targets. This campaign was definitely a success in sharing the message of #IbalikAngHappy to the lives of the Filipinos. If you want to collaborate with us in your next influencer marketing campaign then feel free to send us an e-mail at 😀 #InfluencerMarketing #TikTokInfluencers #Marketing



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