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How Emperador Launched their Latest Coffee Brandy

Emperador wanted to launch their latest product, the Emperador Coffee Brandy, to the market with the help of influencer marketing. They wanted to introduce a new coffee experience where coffee meets brandy, We then crafted a campaign for them based on their objectives and goals.

To introduce their latest product in the market, we collaborated with 60 diverse content creators for the #SarapMakaFeelGood campaign. The influencers had the freedom to put their own spin on how they would spread awareness about the new product.

The campaign got people raving about Emperador Coffee Brandy which even went out of stock for some time due to the demand. The 200+ content had a total reach of more than 30 Million. Now this is how you successfully launch a new product!

If you want to collaborate with us in your next influencer marketing campaign then feel free to send us an e-mail at 😀 #Emperador #EmperadorCoffeeBrandy #InfluencerMarketing #Blogapalooza


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