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Product Seeding with Emperador

What is Product Seeding? This is when a brand sends its product to an influencer in exchange for content. Why use Product Seeding? Here are three reasons why Product Seeding works: 1. Cost-efficient. At the exchange of a PR Kit, your influencer creates content. 2. User-generated Content. UGC is relatable and effective for brand awareness. 3. Authentic Endorsement. Influencers are honest, and their audience trusts them. Thanks to the influencers posting about their authentic experience with the recipes and the brand, their User-Generated Content adds relatability. It is because the audience sees people just like them using a product, they are influenced to purchase.

Compiled UGCs from Product Seeding Looking for a strategy to introduce your product authentically and cost-efficiently? Product Seeding is for you! Blogapalooza has a network of influencers for every brand and campaign. Let’s start your Product Seeding journey, send us an email!


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