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Celebrating Love, Self-Expression, and Inclusivity at Queer Prom 2024

On June 29, the vibrant city of Makati was graced with an unforgettable event: Queer Prom 2024. Organized by Queer Safe Spaces, the Queer Prom brought together the LGBTQIA+ community and allies for a night of celebrating love, self-expression, and inclusivity.

Queer Prom 2024 performances by Nica del Rosario, Jason Dhakal, and Precious Paula Nicole

The event featured performances by renowned drag queens Salmo Nella and Precious Paula Nicole, alongside artists Jason Dhakal, Nica del Rosario, Ica Frias, and Stef Aranas among others. A DJ set by Ayel Mari kept the party going, with attendees dancing all night. Hosted by Justine Peña and Blogapalooza’s BX Talent Chal Maling, the event was a magical night to remember.

Couple and Queer Safe Spaces co-founders Roanne Carreon (@roannecarreon) and Tina Boado (@kristinaboado) at Blogapalooza's booth for Queer Prom 2024
Couple and Queer Safe Spaces co-founders Roanne Carreon (@roannecarreon) and Tina Boado (@kristinaboado) at Blogapalooza's booth for Queer Prom 2024

The Origin Story

The journey to Queer Prom began in January 2020 during a community meet-up organized by Queer Safe Spaces co-founders and couple Tina Boado and Roanne Carreon in Iloilo City. A spontaneous slow dance sparked the vision of a prom for queer individuals. After the pandemic restrictions eased, Tina and Roanne decided to turn their dream into reality, launching the first Queer Prom in 2023.

The idea for a queer prom was inspired by the significance prom holds for many people—it's often a teen's first formal event and a night of self-expression. However, many queer individuals faced limitations during their high school proms due to restrictive clothing rules, exclusionary policies, and other heteronormative norms. Queer Prom was created to offer a second chance; this pivotal experience allowed the community to reimagine prom on their own terms.

Reimagining the Prom Experience

For many attendees, Queer Prom was a night of firsts. It was a chance to dress up in a way that truly reflected their identity and to bring a date of their choosing. Jamie Casiño, a transwoman content creator and influencer, shared her story of feeling hopeless during her high school prom. Fast forward to the present, Jamie described the magical experience of dancing with her boyfriend EJ to singer-songwriter Nica del Rosario's rendition of BINI's 'Huwag Muna Tayong Umuwi'. “I was really longing for this—my first ever prom experience as a transwoman,” she shared.

Queer Prom 2024 was a night of love, belongingness, and self-expression, highlighting the importance of inclusive spaces where everyone can be their authentic selves. Queer Safe Spaces is dedicated to expanding the Queer Prom experience to other provinces across Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. Beyond Queer Prom, the organization plans to host more events throughout the year, emphasizing that the fight for equality extends beyond Pride month.


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