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Bloga SZNs Kicks Off with a Splash in La Union

The first stop of Bloga SZNs kicked off with a resounding success at the breathtaking Solarena Resort in Caba, La Union from June 14-16, 2024. This first leg of the 4-part series set the stage for an epic road trip of fun, prizes, and endless opportunities for influencers and content creators to connect, create, and collaborate.

Drone shots by Em Suringa (@kaemtayo)

From the moment the BlogaFam stepped into the buses bound for Elyu, the excitement was palpable. Solarena, known for its stunning ocean views and serene atmosphere, provided the perfect backdrop for a weekend filled with engaging activities and unforgettable memories.

The BlogaFam indulged in fun-filled activities—including a cutthroat BCH Tournament—that not only challenged their physical prowess and creativity but also offered a chance to win amazing prizes from brand partners. The tournament included activities such as Pinoy Henyo, charades with a twist, a scavenger hunt, an invisible bottle dive, Bataille, and a relay race, all organized in collaboration with the Tridem Collective. The BlogaFam's energy, competitiveness, and enthusiasm were unmatched during the 3-day event, much to the organizers' surprise. The Yellow Team led by Kookoo Macasaet ultimately clinched the win.

Bloga SZNs was the perfect opportunity for the BlogaFam to step out of their comfort zones and meet other creators from various niches that they would otherwise not be able to get to know on a deeper level at different events. The event facilitated meaningful interactions among participants, fostering a sense of community and collaboration.

I think events like Bloga SZNs benefit content creators in the sense that they get to foster a sense of community. It’s another thing to be able to interact with other creators on a physical level versus interacting with them online. The energy we get to share at events like this is something creators would treasure—it gives them an environment to collaborate and create together,” said BlogaMomma Ace Gapuz, CEO of Blogapalooza.

This unforgettable event was made possible by our incredible brand partnerships: B'lue, Vita Boost, Bleeves, Face Republic, Farmer John's, Funhanmart, Gardenia, Oatside, Organic Nature, Primera, The Diet Coach, Emco Musli, and Saving Daigdig.

The energy felt in La Union will continue towards the next legs of the series. As the BlogaFam present at Solarena say, “walang mag-mo-move on!” Blogapalooza promises to bring even more exciting opportunities and experiences as it continues its nationwide Bloga SZNs tour to Laguna, Cebu, and Davao in the coming months.

If you missed out on the fun in La Union, join the BlogaFam today through the Elevate platform to get a chance to participate in the Bloga SZNs tour! Stay tuned for more #BlogaSZNs updates by following us on our socials.



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