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BlogaRide: Pedaling Towards Stronger Connections

BlogaConnects, one of Blogapalooza's exciting initiatives, recently hosted an indoor cycling event called BlogaRide at RideRevolution, Shangri-la Plaza. This fun event brought together fitness enthusiasts from the BlogaFam for a full-body workout led by the energetic Coach Fold Canela.

BlogaRide wasn't just a workout; it was a chance to build stronger bonds within the BlogaFam community. Fitness influencers connected, shared their fitness journeys, and built stronger relationships. The session blended fitness and friendship, creating a space where everyone felt welcome and inspired.

Among the participants was BX Talent Chal Maling, who also happens to be a cycling instructor at a different studio. He joined BlogaRide to try new things this year and was pleasantly surprised by how much he enjoyed Coach Fold’s class. Another participant, Karen Santiago, a fitness content creator, shared how her journey started as a hobby and turned into a way to inspire others. She lost 20kgs in the past year and finds it rewarding when people share their own success stories after seeing her content.

BlogaRide showed that fitness can be a powerful way to connect with others. Whether you're a fitness pro or just starting, events like BlogaRide offer a friendly and inclusive environment for everyone.

Missed BlogaRide? Don’t worry! Join us at the next BlogaConnects event and get the chance to connect with fellow content creators. Everyone is welcome in the BlogaFam community, and every event is a chance to become more connected. Don’t miss out on the fun—come join us at the next BlogaConnects event!

Join the BlogaFam today by signing up on our Elevate platform. Watch out for the exclusive BlogaPlay episode for the BlogaRide event and follow our socials for updates on our future events!



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