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Influencer Pricing & Negotiations

Everything is set for CICP's April GMM tonight 6 PM via Facebook LIVE! Tune in as we talk about Influencer Pricing & Negotiations with our Keynote Speaker, Whalar Los Angeles' Talent Manager, Amron Lopez; Fireside Chat Panelists, Content Creator, Macoy Dubs; CEO, Talentmarketers, Jojo Ampeloquio; and Ellana Cosmetics’ Sales & Marketing, Guita Gopalan; our moderator, Hershey Neri; and our host, 96.3 Easy Rock's DJ Shai. #CICPRise

On tonight's GMM, we are putting the spotlight on the power dance duo Ranz Kyle and Niana Guerrero while our CICP Tips & Tricks will be brought to us by another ball of dance energy, AC Bonifacio! #CICPSpotlight

See you all tonight and make sure to get a reminder here: Speaking of influencer pricing and negotiations, Blogapalooza conducted an influencer pricing study to see the average range for pricing here in the Philippines. This study was also conducted to further understand the different factors influencers prioritize when it comes to working with brands to further improve collaborations with creators and brands.

Want to find out more details like the important components in pricing collaborations and which industries and brands are the most aggressive when it comes to influencer marketing in the country? Check out our previous blog post here. #InfluencerMarketing #InfluencerPricing #InfluencerMarketingStrategy #Marketing #InfluencerMarketingAgency #InfluencerMarketingCompany #Blogapalooza



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