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How Much Do Influencers Charge?

Almost all of the industries and brands have explored Influencer Marketing as part of their marketing tactics, which is definitely an advantage to the influencer industry. This goes to show that Influencer Marketing is one of the effective tactics for brands to authentically connect to consumers and engage with them today and in the coming years ahead. As the Philippines' premiere influencer marketing company, brands would often ask us how much influencers charge. Although there isn't really a standard answer for that since there are a lot of factors to consider, we recently conducted an influencer pricing study to see if we can get an average range for pricing here in the Philippines. This study was also conducted to further understand the different factors influencers prioritize when it comes to working with brands so that we can further improve collaborations with creators and brands.

Based on our study, influencer rates are indeed variable depending on the scope of work of a certain campaign.  Emerging influencers can charge a standard PHP 1,000 (USD 20) to PHP 5,000 (USD 100) for a static or video post cross-posted, but other factors should also be taken into consideration such as the effort needed to meet the requirements, engagement rate over following, reach, and brand’s or agency’s working budget. They can possibly earn more than PHP 5,000 (USD 100) and PHP 10,000 (USD 200) for a single brand deal, which again may vary on the agreed deliverables. The study also shows that influencers are always open to negotiations, most especially if it is a brand that they love, trust, and support. They can work around negotiated deals if the campaign is also aligned with their core values and advocacies as an influencer, if it is a commission-based project, and if it will help them grow as a content creator. Want to find out more details like the important components in pricing collaborations and which industries and brands are the most aggressive when it comes to influencer marketing in the country?  Download the full study here for detailed insights! 

The Blogapalooza “2020 Influencer Pricing Study”  discusses the factors and consideration influencers take into account when it comes to pricing to help you in your influencer marketing campaign.



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