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Have a better Influencer Marketing Campaign in 2021

2020 has taught us that despite the pandemic, influencer marketing continued to be a part of every brand's marketing strategy. With everything being digital due to physical limitations, we can expect that influencer marketing this year will be even bigger!

So what are the key points we learned last year?

We conducted an influencer pricing study within our community of influencers and gathered some data to further understand the industry and find out how we can #ElevateInfluence and have better brand & influencer collaborations. To help you have a better chance of getting the influencers you want in this very competitive industry, it is a good idea to see how influencers make their decisions when it comes to collaborations. Here are 5 key factors that influencers in the Philippines would consider before working with brands:

Our study also shows that emerging influencers are always open to negotiations, most especially if it is a brand that they love, trust, and support. They can work around negotiated deals if the campaign is also aligned with their core values and advocacies as an influencer. They will also be willing to negotiate if it is a commission-based project that will help them grow as a content creator.

Need help on your brand's influencer marketing campaigns for 2021?



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