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Influencer Marketing Strategy: Long-term Wins!

Benefits of a Long-Term Partnership with Influencers With numerous brands wanting to work with influencers for promotions, most influencers get several offers from various brands on a regular basis. The followers of influencers however are becoming more sensitive to inauthentic advertising so influencers are now careful in choosing their brand partners more than ever. We found out in our latest survey that influencers prefer to have a long partnership with a brand than a one-time project because they also believe that a proper brand relationship and consistency will let their audience know that they are authentic and really believe in the brand they are promoting.

An influencer that is selected to become a long-term brand ambassador likely already has an affinity for the brand and may have already engaged with the brand or mentioned their products to their followers before the partnership. This background, combined with the opportunity for consistent and recurring messaging, increases visibility to the audience and is more likely to not only be perceived as, but truly be, authentic. If an influencer feels personally invested in a brand and its success, the influencer is more likely to give more attention to the brand and the content is more likely to resonate with their audience. This creates trust and loyalty amongst the brand, influencer, and their audience.


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