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Breaking the Mold: Chef Gelo Guison’s Journey of Reinvention

Starting over in one’s career can be both daunting and exhilarating. For most of us, leaving behind the familiar and stepping into the unknown, driven by the hope of finding greater fulfillment and meaning, is a path only a few brave souls take. Chef Gelo Guison—one of Blogapalooza’s BX Talents—embodies this courageous journey. His transition from the corporate world to the culinary arts is a testament to how starting over can lead to discovering true passion and joy.

The Shift from Corporate Life to Culinary

Imagine spending a decade climbing the corporate ladder, only to realize that your heart was never truly in it. This was Chef Gelo’s reality in 2008 when he began as a customer representative at a corporation. He quickly rose through the ranks, becoming a training specialist within months, and eventually a training supervisor. Yet, despite his success, the relentless pressure and high demands of corporate life began to weigh heavily on him. Realizing he needed a change, Chef Gelo redirected his path to pursue his passion for cooking. Around 2015, he enrolled at the Center for Culinary Arts (CCA) Manila, juggling his corporate job with culinary side gigs, like brand demos, to gain hands-on experience.

The Life-changing Decision

The turning point in Chef Gelo’s life came in 2019 during a trip to Puerto Rico. At a local food park, he met a food truck vendor who had once been an engineer. This encounter stirred something deep within him, prompting him to ask the “deathbed question”: would he regret not becoming a chef? The answer was a resounding yes. Determined to live without regrets, he made a bold decision. Just three days after returning from Puerto Rico, he decided to flip the script on his life and resign from his corporate job. After completing his rendering period, he stepped into his new life as a full-time chef, ready to cook up a storm.

Pursuing his Passion

Chef Gelo’s corporate experience became an asset in his new career as a chef and a content creator. Skills like problem-solving, resilience in the face of rejection, and leadership seamlessly translated into the culinary world. He soon realized that being a chef required tremendous hard work and dedication. However, his love for cooking and content creation kept him motivated. “No time, effort, or distance should hinder you from pursuing the thing you want most,” he shared. Chef Gelo’s ease in front of the camera and his storytelling ability, honed from his theater and scriptwriting experience, made his cooking videos engaging and relatable. Drawing inspiration from personal experiences and the stories of others, he infused his culinary creations with heartwarming narratives.


Turning Passion into Advocacy

His journey extends beyond personal fulfillment to a broader purpose of social good. He volunteers every Saturday as the head of the kitchen at Kawa Pilipinas, a community kitchen providing hot meals for the homeless and other vulnerable groups. He passionately advocates for ensuring that everyone, especially marginalized, vulnerable, and disadvantaged groups, has access to the 3M’s: masarap, malinis, at masustansyang pagkain (delicious, clean, and healthy food).

Chef Gelo believes that content creators should use their influence responsibly. “History will judge us on how we maximize the influence we have,” he asserts, urging his audience to consider the holistic character of content creators. “Elevating influence is about aligning your values and beliefs with your content to benefit your audience,” he explains. For him, success isn’t measured by follower count but by the impact and relevance of his content to his intended audience.

A New Path

Chef Gelo Guison’s story is a testament to the power of starting anew and following one’s passion. His journey from a corporate career to the culinary arts, combined with his dedication to social advocacy, highlights how finding fulfillment and meaning in a new path can lead to a rewarding life. His experience reminds us that it’s never too late to reinvent ourselves and pursue what truly brings us joy. So, if you ever find yourself in a career rut, remember Chef Gelo’s story, and don’t be afraid to take the whisk and cook up a new beginning.


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