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Blogapalooza Partners with Intersex Philippines in Amplifying Intersex Voices

Blogapalooza entered into a new partnership with Intersex Philippines, starting with its Media Conference held at Quezon City last February 23 at B Hotel, Quezon City. Aimed at bringing attention to Intersex experiences and gathering support for the passage of House Bill 9555, or the “Cagandahan Bill,” it was a momentous occasion that gathered various media partners, government agencies, and other advocates in solidarity with their cause.

Intersex Philippines is a “registered non-profit, non-governmental organization dedicated to nurturing a vibrant community of empowered intersex individuals and their families in the Philippines.” They regularly post updates on their official Facebook page.

As the exclusive media partner of Intersex Philippines, Blogapalooza aims to aid in advocating for intersex rights and amplifying their calls for “a more inclusive and efficient legal framework for intersex individuals in the Philippines.” Aligned with its mission, Blogapalooza believes that elevating influence is not limited to nurturing brand relationships but also extends to empowering its influencers by providing them with avenues for growth and learning, including engaging with causes for social good.

Being an influencer can mean a lot of things. With social media as a powerful tool for promoting brands, marketing products, amplifying causes, or simply sharing what resonates with you, there are no restraints on what you can or cannot do. It is in every influencer’s power to define what kind of influencer you want to be, so we leave you with this question: As influencers, what does it mean for you to #ElevateInfluence?

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