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A good influencer marketing campaign can really help your brand reach your target audience most especially in this time where people are now doing everything they can online. If you want to create an effective campaign that will give you a higher ROI, then follow some of our tips below:

Look for influencers with a purpose, not just an influencer with a pretty face or an aesthetic feed

Prior to the pandemic, there is already a shift in influencer marketing. Brands have noticed that working with a celebrity for a single post maybe effective but lacks authenticity when compared to working with micro-influencers who are more relatable and viewed as trustworthy by their audience.

Influencer strategies that combines a carefully curated group of micro and macro-influencers were already becoming a ‘new normal’. In lockdown, this shift  has simply been accelerated.

Some influencers got their tone wrong during this pandemic but others have adapted and recognized what we're going through and made positive contributions. These are the influencers brands should be collaborating with. 

The need for content that’s relevant to the reality

Content creators are adapting in real-time, engaging with their audiences daily, and demonstrating their flexibility and creativity amid the circumstances. The challenge now is that people still want to see the content of influencers but not in the same way as pre-COVID-19. They need to be more creative in executing their content and still be relevant and sensitive enough to this pandemic. So if you are considering coming up with an influencer marketing campaign soon, observe closely and look for opportunities where your brand can add value.

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