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#TheOrangeCarpet Awards Categories

  • Art and Culture - The creative content creator that expresses themselves through art such as painting, music, literature, dance, and other art forms.

  • Beauty - The beauty guru that drops their skincare routine and gives great advice when buying make-up and hair care.

  • Business and Finance - The content creator that teaches everyday people about financial literacy that helps them make smart business and financial decisions.

  • Education - The online guro that explains and simplifies topics in creative ways.

  • Entertainment - The director/actor/performer that puts a smile on peoples faces with their content.

  • Fashion - The world is their runway and they aren’t afraid to make bold fashion choices. People look up to these trend setters for their sense of style. #ootdiva

  • Food - The foodie that knows all the good restaurants and serves hacks and tips for famous recipes.

  • Gaming/ESports - The gamer or caster who gives the best tips and tricks about our favorite games.

  • Health and Fitness - The go-to expert on healthy living through proper exercise and eating right.

  • Kidfluencer - The bibo kid who creates content for the whole family.

  • Parenting - The parent who shares their wins, lessons, and challenges of caring for the family.

  • Pets - The pawrent and/or furbaby that shares the cutest content and best advice in caring for pets.

  • Sustainability - The content creator with a green thumb and a green heart. Someone who promotes an environment-conscious lifestyle at home and on-the-go.

  • Tech - The techie that keeps us up-to-date on the latest gadgets and how to make the most out of the technological advances.

  • Travel - The kaladkarin content creator that shares travel tips and takes the community to destinations around the country and the world. #travelgoals

  • Web3 - The web wizard that informs the public about cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and how to keep online transactions secure.


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