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JCI Manila Color Run for Education: A Vibrant Fun Run Project Benefiting Monic Elementary School

JCI Manila, a leading non-profit organization dedicated to community development, hosted a remarkable event called Color Run for Education on May 21, 2023. This exciting fun run project took place at the SM Mall of Asia open grounds and drew an overwhelming participation of 3,500 runners. The event garnered immense support, with tickets selling out in record time.

Color Run for Education aimed to promote physical activity, foster camaraderie, and raise funds for a noble cause. The event featured three race distances, offering options for runners of different fitness levels: 3 kilometers, 5 kilometers, and a challenging 10 kilometers. Participants eagerly embraced the opportunity to contribute to the betterment of education while engaging in an unforgettable experience.

The starting line at the SM Mall of Asia open grounds buzzed with energy as runners, adorned in their bright white shirts, prepared to embark on their chosen distance. With enthusiasm and determination, the participants embarked on their respective journeys, each step bringing them closer to the finish line and a shared sense of accomplishment.

As the runners made their way through the designated routes, they were greeted by a burst of vibrant colors. Volunteers joyfully showered the participants with colored powders, turning the event into a mesmerizing kaleidoscope of hues. Laughter and excitement filled the air as the runners embraced the colorful celebration and the spirit of togetherness.

Following the exhilarating run, participants were invited to a lively post-run party led by a talented DJ. The atmosphere transformed into a pulsating dance floor, where runners showcased their moves and let loose, creating an atmosphere of pure joy and celebration. The sky above the party was filled with vibrant colors, a reflection of the runners' infectious energy and the unity that prevailed throughout the event.

The primary beneficiaries of Color Fun for Education were the students of Monic Elementary School, a deserving institution committed to providing quality education to underprivileged children. The funds raised from this event will support the school's educational initiatives, creating opportunities for a brighter future for these young minds.

JCI Manila extends its heartfelt gratitude to all the participants, sponsors, and volunteers who made Color Fun for Education an incredible success. Their unwavering support and dedication played a crucial role in making a positive impact on Monic Elementary School and the community as a whole.

As JCI Manila continues to organize transformative events, Color Fun for Education marks a significant milestone. It exemplifies JCI Manila's commitment to community development, while also showcasing the resilience and unity of the community in the face of challenges.

Here are some of the very colorful photos from the run:

The Color Run for Education Committee from JCI Manila (L-R) Jom Cruz, Ralph Sales, Miggy Marty, Cheeno Olayres, JethYbanez, Edison Ke, Kevin Ty and Charles Ratcliffe

You may see photos and videos here:



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