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How Foreo Got 100+ Million Views with Beauty Content Creators

Foreo wanted to tap known beauty and lifestyle content creators to promote their products and encourage purchase. Their main goal was to get as much views as possible in order to increase product awareness.

In Blogapalooza, we try our best to match the right influencers with the brand and their campaign. We looked for beauty and lifestyle content creators that are trusted and known for their authenticity. We also targeted influencers who are are long-time users of the product.

We tapped various KOLs that matched the campaign and , whose values align with the brand. Some influencers we collaborated with are Alex Gonzaga, Kryz Uy , Sachzna Laparan, Viy Cortez, Kris Bernal, Erika Rabara, Alice Dixson, and Ashley Garcia.

The campaign definitely showed a huge success as our 35 content creators had more than 100 Million total views on their content. Now that's how you increase your brand's product awareness.!

If you want to collaborate with us in your next influencer marketing campaign then feel free to send us an e-mail at 😀 #Foreo #InfluencerMarketing #Blogapalooza



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