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How BlogaFest Weathered The Storm

After a 2-year hiatus, BlogaFest returned with the biggest business-influencer event yet! Despite the challenges of a global pandemic and unfavorable weather conditions, BlogaFest shone through with 1,500 attendees and more than 11,000 online livestream views.

The morning of October 29 was gloomy and rainy. The BlogaTeam crossed their fingers and prayed that the weather would cooperate, as brands began to arrive and set up their booths. They refused to back down knowing that the BlogaFam have been looking forward to this grand reunion. The theme for this year's event is POP! It is a celebration of the uniqueness of each content creator.

Attendees were greeted with smiling faces, booths, and lots of activities for all ages. Each brand had their own booth with giveaways and games that allowed the BlogaFam to explore and interact with. While snacking and browsing the booths, people also had the chance to ride a mechanical bull, climb a wall, and try their hand at carnival games.

Eryka and Chal's energy filled the room and created a buzz as the program began. Justin Taller, Rhythm Kay, and Rina Santos opened the event proper with a song that encompasses the theme, singing Born This Way by Lady Gaga. The panel discussion soon followed with industry insights from the perspectives of Rizza Sebastian (CEO - Mink, Lana), Jim Guzman (Digital Director - Unilab), and Jen Barangan (Content Creator).

#BlogaFest2022 also included the first ever Orange Carpet Awards hosted by the dashing Ryan Tresplacios. In line with the overall theme, #TheOrangeCarpet aims to shine the spotlight on our BlogaFam whose content is the epitome of our motto - #ElevateInfluence. The awards ceremony was made even better with performances by the amazing Miss Ramonne and the show stopping drag performances by Marla, BB Manika, and Citrina Mykel from house Xilhouette. To cap off the reunion, people celebrated and danced the night away for the afterparty.

BlogaFest is more than a yearly event, it's a gathering of a community with its members at the heart of it. The reason for its success is each and every individual that makes up the growing family of content creators. Blogapalooza sees the potential in each one and hones the skills and capabilities of their members. As BlogaMomma Ace Gapuz said, "Blogapalooza is a platform that believes, trusts, and recognizes the excellence of everybody."

BingoPlus is this year's co-presenter for #BlogaFest2022.The official venue partner is City of Dreams Manila.

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Ana Liza Benetua
Ana Liza Benetua
01 de dez. de 2022

I went home morning the next day because of the flood and inclement weather, but it's all worth attending Blogapalooza! I hope to see you all next year!

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