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The Orange Carpet Awards Winners

It's time we recognize the most passionate content creators. #TheOrangeCarpet aims to shine the spotlight on our BlogaFam whose content is the epitome of our motto - #ElevateInfluence. After weeks of nominations, selections, and voting, #TheOrangeCarpet Awards were given to the following:

The winners for each category are:

Art & Culture: Lance Reblando

Beauty: Marj Maroket

Business and Finance: Fitz Villafuerte

Education: Buhay VA

Entertainment: Chardie B

Fashion: Skatebomb Girls

Food: Foodie Fred

Gaming/Esports: Odin (Claudine Tayco)

Health & Fitness: Tine Savador

Kidfluencer: Scarlett Astrid Feliciano

Parenting: Omni and Bryce Larrosa

Pets: Karen Toyoshima

Sustainability: Julie Ann Lozada

Tech: PinoyTechDad

Travel: Turista Boy

Web3: Bitskwela

BlogaFam of Luzon: Alden Policar

BlogaFam of Visayas: Dee Explores

BlogaFam of Mindanao: Gandang Morenx

BlogaFam of The Year: Ezra Mane

Congratulations to all the finalists and winners!



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