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Common Campaign Objectives of Brands and Agencies for Paid Collaborations

Brands and agencies are continuously leveraging influencer activations to build awareness and launch new products. Identifying and analyzing an influencer’s audience plays a vital role in a campaign strategy. Matching the target audience is a key objective in a campaign, or else said campaign could fail.

At Blogapalooza, we saw that building brand awareness is still the most common goal of brands, especially to those that are relatively new in influencer marketing. Marketers who actively use influencer marketing have started moving towards nano and micro-influencers to raise awareness due to their lower fees, higher engagement rates, and resonance. Large campaigns also integrate macro to mega influencers for massive reach and exposure.

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Blogapalooza is the Philippines’ premier #InfluencerMarketingCompany that fosters business-influencer collaborations to create authentic conversations in different platforms. Through the years, we have built a solid community of thousands of bloggers, social media influencers, and content creators all over the Philippines. Send us an e-mail at for all your influencer marketing needs.



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