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Blogapalooza Wins Excellence in Influencer / KOLs Marketing in the Marketing Excellence Awards 2021

The Marketing Excellence Awards (MEA) is an end-to-end awards programme designed to reward and celebrate outstanding work from across the marketing communications spectrum, from creative advertising, to PR, to market research, and everything in between.

MEA’s rich history began 10 years ago in Singapore for the Singapore market. Later on, the programme was expanded to Hong Kong, Malaysia, and now the Philippines! Each MEA operates separate and independent of other markets.

During the Virtual Awards last January 28, Blogapalooza received a bronze award for Excellence in Influencer / KOLs Marketing for their Project Graze, virtual KOL community launch of Del Monte Potato Crisp Biscuits Campaign with Del Monte Philippines. The campaign was executed in a grassroots type of influencer marketing, where communities and conversations are the name of the game. "I think the awarding organization recognized the capacity of Blogapalooza to revolutionize influencer marketing by going beyond the more traditional manners of execution." says CEO Ace Gapuz when asked why they think they were selected as one of the shortlisted companies. The campaign, Project Graze (Client: Del Monte), was executed in an “unconventional” way – while most marketers would view influencer marketing as engaging individuals with a sizable number of followers and having them speak highly of the product, Blogapalooza went to the core of influencer marketing: authentic conversations generated and steered by authentic people. #MarketingExcellenceAwards #Marketing #InfluencerMarketing


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