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What's your everyday essentials match? | Blogafied Quizlet

Discover your perfect everyday essentials match with just a few questions. Find the right Blogafied Merch for you!

A. Enjoying a slow morning with your loved ones

B. Doing outdoor activities with the family

C. Experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen

D. Checking out the latest fashion trends online

E. Catching up with friends over brunch

F. Heading out for a hike

A. A serene cabin in the mountains

B. A bustling city with lots to do and see

C. A culinary tour of Italy or France

D. A sleek and modern city break

E. A spiritual retreat in Bali

F. A beach resort with friends and fun activities

A. Casual and comfy with a flowy attire

B. Basic, casual jeans look

C. Apron over any outfit

D. Business casual

E. Smart casual with a hint of boho

F. Trendy and chic with a focus on comfort

A. Adobo - Classic and comforting

B. Sinigang - Tangy and savory

C. Kare-Kare - Rich and flavorful

D. Halo-Halo - Sweet and refreshing

E. Sisig - Bold and spicy

F. Lechon - Indulgent and celebratory

A. 🌿

B. ☕

C. 🍳

D. 💼

E. 🧘‍♂️

F. 🥂

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Blogafied is an end-to-end commerce platform designed to empower content creators by providing them the opportunity to showcase their unique style and identity through branded merchandise.


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