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Blogafied Creator Merch

Are you ready to take your brand to the next level? Look no further than Blogafied Creator Merch! This incredible e-commerce platform provides creators and influencers with everything they need to create amazing products and share them with their fans. Best of all, you can earn by selling branded merchandise that reflects your unique style and personal brand. With Blogafied Creator Merch, the possibilities are endless!

Check out Mommy Maite's Gentle Momma Tote Bag! It's the perfect companion for any mom on-the-go. With its spacious and trendy design, you'll be able to carry all your essentials with ease and style. Pre-order now!

Add a youthful and stylish touch to your mom on-the-go OOTD with Mommy Maite's #Momlife cap in a pop of pink. Order now!

Introducing Koomare Money-festing Box to kickstart your savings for a prosperous 2024! The more ipon you get, the more budol you dasurv! Pre-order now!

Sip happens, but with Chal’s Friendship Tumbler, it’s a whole new vibe! ☕✨ The perfect gift for your coffee comrades. Pre-order now!

Spice up your kitchen game with Chef Gelo’s  2-in1 Apron where ‘delicious’ is spoken in every Filipino flavor! Pre-order now!

Support the BX Talents' new entrepreneurship venture by pre-ordering their merchandise on the Blogafied website!



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