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Bloga SZNs in Elyu: A Roadtrip Adventure with Epic Sponsors

Blogapalooza launched Bloga SZNs in La Union, and it was a roaring success, packed with exciting activities and unforgettable memories! A huge shoutout to our wonderful sponsors, whose invaluable support made this extraordinary event possible.

Our adrenaline-pumping Scavenger Hunt, sponsored by The Diet Coach, was a hit! Known for the best beauty supplements, The Diet Coach ensured this adventure was both thrilling and rewarding for everyone.

B'lue took our Invisible Bottle Dive and Wet Shirt Relay to new heights. Their refreshing drinks kept our BlogaFam hydrated and full of energy, making these challenges extra fun and unforgettable.

Organic Nature made our exhilarating Bataille game a standout! Participants' skin stayed moisturized, hydrated, and glowing under the sun, thanks to Organic Nature's high-quality products.

Face Republic spiced up our Relay Games, bringing out the best in our BlogaFam. With their Cica Gel Moisturizer, Purity Sun Essence, and Cica Soothing Gel, everyone stayed protected and fresh, no matter how intense the competition got.

The Saving Daigdig Project added an eco-friendly twist to our Paddleboard activity. Their foldable eyewear was perfect for our on-the-go adventures, ensuring we looked stylish while promoting environmental awareness.

Primera Light Brandy made our bonfire session the perfect end to a fun-filled day. Primera was definitely our "go-to PRI, in good & bad times," adding warmth and joy to our evening under the stars.

After a weekend packed with exhilarating activities under the sun, Bleeves came through to ensure the BlogaFam rested well. Their cozy products provided the perfect comfort on our journey back to Manila, and still are our go-to for daily comfort!

Farmer John Chips gave us a snack upgrade with their premium treats. These delicious, crispy, real potato chips brought a sophisticated flair to the Bloga SZNs experience!

Funhan Mart delighted us with a fantastic assortment of Korean snacks. We couldn't resist these late-night treats, which became our reliable companions for long, enjoyable conversations into the night.

Emco Müsli's oat biscuits took our breakfast to the next level. These heart-healthy, delicious snacks were so irresistible that we had to sneak some back into our cabins!

Gardenia, our trusty breakfast partner, made sure every meal started on the right note. Their Healthi Grain multigrain loaf gave us the energy and motivation to seize each new day.

Oatside was a crowd favorite, keeping us energized and refreshed throughout the whole weekend. Their variety of drinks was perfect for our diverse crowd, proving that it sure is "better Oatside."

A Huge Thank You to our Sponsors

We are incredibly grateful to all our sponsors for their generous support. Your contributions not only made the first leg of Bloga SZNs a huge success but also enriched the experience for the BlogaFam, creating lasting memories.

Be Part of the Next Bloga SZNs Community Event!

Are you a brand looking to connect with an energetic and engaged community? Join us as a sponsor for our next Bloga SZNs stop at the Enchanted Kingdom in Sta. Rosa, Laguna! Partner with Blogapalooza to create magical experiences, engage with a dynamic audience, and showcase your brand in an exciting and impactful way.

Reach out to us today and be a part of the magic at Enchanted Kingdom!


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