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Word of the year: Relatability

Content creators are on a mission to #ElevateInfluence by making their content more relatable than ever before! Here are three tips to get you started:

Realistic and authentic

People want content that relates to their everyday experiences. It's all about making people feel seen and understood. Content that works: memes, reactions, and POVs

Trust and Loyalty:

Relatable content humanizes creators, making them more approachable and trustworthy. Content that works: Day-in-my-life, vlogs, and educational videos

Relatable content builds a community around shared experiences. A community-centric approach benefits the creator and creates a supportive and interactive space for the audience. Content that works: Tiktok challenges with friends 

Form meaningful connections at the Bloga Creator Hub. Collaborate with fellow content creators through our curated workshops and community events. Our first Bloga Workshop of the year features Alec Cuenca, who will share tips on creating content that can break through in 2024. Slots are limited!

#ElevateInfluence with the BlogaFam community. Register here.



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