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What do Filipinos Watch on YouTube?

According to Google, people in the Philippines are turning to online videos to satiate their curiosity or keep themselves entertained. In fact, there are over 40 million YouTube users aged 18 and above in the past year. Their data shows that half of them came from the 18-34 demographic. YouTube watch time also grew by over 50% year-on-year which is not surprising considering that there are over 1,750 channels in the Philippines with more than 100k subscribers. See what are the trending videos below:

These Filipino YouTube Channels are on the rise:

With the growing online population consuming video content, brands should take this opportunity and do their best to engage with them. They should try to explore different content formats and collaborate with various influencers who can really deliver great video content since Filipinos are interested in a diverse range of video content.

Sources: Google Data, The Philippines, June 2020 & June 2019 #InfluencerMarketing



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