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Vote for the Pipol’s favorite at the 4th VP Choice Awards!

The moment of thrill, fun, and excitement will come full circle to the Pipol as the 4th VP Choice Awards (VPCA) begin its voting period!

VP Choice Awards is the country’s most engaged award-giving body produced by Red

Entertainment, Inc. and Village Pipol.

The list of nominees was revealed in January, with nearly a hundred recognitions introduced under the travel, lifestyle, entertainment, technology, and business industries.

Proving true of its bigger and brighter return, the 4th VP Choice Awards will commence its voting period this February 10. It will end on March 10, with a month duration for the Pipol to choose their favorites.

In determining the 4th VPCA victors, the following criteria will be employed:

● 30% VP Choice Awards’ Facebook shares

● 20% Village Pipol’s Facebook shares

● 30% Editorial Team

● 20% Experts Panel

To cast votes, simply visit the Facebook pages of VP Choice Awards and Village Pipol. Click the share button on the solo art card of your bets from the categories to account for one vote. All shares will be acknowledged until the valid duration.

4th VP Choice Awards to begin this February 10

VP Choice Awards is the number one gathering of top individuals, groups, and brands who excelled in their fields. It is reputed for a fair, honest, and user-led process of selecting winners to decide the reigning prime and supreme.

Additionally, the 2022 edition welcomes the theme Supernova: Our Brilliant Burst of Light. It signifies the time to embrace one’s burgeoning blast and champion luminous explosion after an era of compromise brought on by the health crisis.

In the past editions, vlogging sensation Mimiyuuuh is among the most notable winners for being named the Breakthrough Social Media Star during VPCA’s pilot. She also took the highly-coveted VP Cover of the Year for a joint feature with fellow YouTuber Benedict Cua.

On the other hand, SB19 is famed in the VP Choice Awards’ history. They are the only qualifier for VPCA’s Hall of Fame, along with their fanbase, A’TIN. The duo is also the first to attain a grand slam (three uninterrupted wins) for the Group Performer of the Year and Fandom of the Year titles.

Meanwhile, the pairing of Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano (DonBelle) has always been a strong yearly contender. The love team and their supporters consistently dominated the VPCA’s entertainment category in previous installments.

Now, who shall claim victory at the 2022 VP Choice Awards? Remember that the choice is

yours, Pipol! For the official list of nominees, click here.

Don’t miss out as the 4th VP Choice Awards resume its live ceremony! The awards night will be held on March 29 at the Glass Garden Evangelista Avenue, Pasig City.

Presented by Casino Filipino

Co-presented by Itel, FLEEK



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