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Uratex Philippines Sets a New Guinness World Record on Its 55th Anniversary

Uratex Philippines celebrated its 55th year in business by achieving a remarkable feat that not only brought joy to the company and supported charities but also filled Filipinos with pride. In a thrilling first attempt, this homegrown brand shattered Brazil's Guinness World Record for the largest Human Mattress Dominoes. The event unfolded at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City on October 22, witnessed by thousands of spectators, both in-person and online.

The nerve-wracking domino effect featured Uratex Classic Mattresses, which toppled for an impressive 14 minutes and 25 seconds. After meticulous deliberations by Guinness World Records officials, the ecstatic crowd heard the final results. "The record to beat for this attempt was 2,019. I can now confirm that team Uratex has achieved 2,355. Congratulations! You beat the World Records title," declared Guinness World Records Senior Records Manager/Official Adjudicator Mai McMillan. She presented the certificate to Uratex Philippines CEO and President Naty Cheng, who was joined on stage by top executives and brand ambassadress Kathryn Bernardo.

The numbers 2 and 3 in 2,355 symbolize the year 2023, while the 5s represent Uratex's 55 years of providing quality mattresses, foams, and sleep solutions to Filipinos. This impressive achievement not only broke the previous record but also outperformed Brazil's record from 2019.

Uratex Philippines Managing Director Peachy Medina conveyed her congratulations and underlined the company's commitment to being world-class. Uratex Philippines EVP for Furniture and Bedding William Lee emphasized the importance of serving the Filipino community and bringing honor to the Philippines on a global scale.

This record-breaking success can be attributed to the hard work and dedication of participants, including Uratex employees and charity representatives, who were selected from a list of volunteers. Uratex Philippines EVP for Automotive Eddie Gallor highlighted the significance of teamwork in achieving this remarkable feat.

In a heartwarming gesture, Uratex donated all 2,355 mattresses used in the event to 55 charitable institutions. These included shelters, homes for the elderly, women, children, adults with special needs, and community hospitals across the region. CEO and President Mrs. Naty Cheng emphasized the company's commitment to giving back.

As Uratex continues to grow, the firm is reaching out to more people, providing quality and comfort to those in need. Uratex Philippines Public Relations Director Christian Robert “Big Boy” Cheng expressed elation about their latest victory, turning an unexpected attempt into a joyful gathering.

Looking ahead, Uratex is dedicated to launching more innovative and sustainable products. Their goal is to bring the latest mattress technological advancements to the Philippines, ensuring that Filipinos experience the utmost in quality sleep. This new milestone marks the beginning of a bright and exciting future for Uratex Philippines.

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