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Top 5 Factors Influencers Consider when Working with Brands

As the Philippine's premier influencer marketing company, we wanted to help businesses and emerging influencers better understand the industry by conducting a study about how influencers charge for their content and the different factors they consider when collaborating with brands. Check out the results below:

Influencers here in the Philippines are always open to negotiations, most especially if it is a brand that they love, trust, and support. They can also work around negotiated deals if the campaign is aligned with their core values and advocacies as an influencer, if it is a commission-based project, and if it will help them grow as a content creator. Want to find out more details like the important components in pricing collaborations and which industries and brands are the most aggressive when it comes to influencer marketing in the country?  Download the full study for detailed insights here! 

The Blogapalooza “2020 Influencer Pricing Study”  discusses the factors and consideration influencers take into account when it comes to pricing to help you in your influencer marketing campaign.



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