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Three-step-guide on how to be an Influencer

You need to identify who your personality, hobbies, interests, and content will attract.

If you like posting about food, visiting cafes, and creating reels about buffets then your audience are foodies, coffee lovers, and the likes.

Be creative with your content. Do research and study the creative trends that match your target audience. Be authentic and true to who you are and your audience.

Don’t hop on every trend you see, especially if it doesn’t match your vibe.

You do you, no cap!

Nothing inspires an audience more than an Influencer who loves what they’re doing.

It isn’t an easy task, but smile, and laugh while doing so.

You’re sharing everything about who you are--show some love too! Now that you know the kind of influencer you are, let us help you #ElevateInfluence through workshops, classes, and events. Follow us to stay in the loop!

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