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Three Qs of Content by Lyqa Maravilla

Lyqa Maravilla, also known as Teacher Lyqa, is a content creator who has been recognized for her passion and creativity in educating people around the world.

Her accomplishments include YouTube NextUp Winner 2017, Panelist and Moderator for YouTube Educon 2018, and YouTube and United Nations Development Program’s (UNDP) Creators for Change Ambassadors for Asia-Pacific Countries (APAC).

She was one of the guest speakers for this year’s Likha Conference, held at Crowne Plaza. She shared her secret sauce to content creation and summarized them into 3Qs:

As Content Creators, simplifying what we want to communicate will make it Quicker for our audience to understand what we want to say. Quickly capture their attention with a question, an image, or a short-form content.

The Creativity of a Content Creator shines the most here. How you communicate what you want to say matters. Get creative and quip yourself with the latest trends.

When people use your content to make a point, then your content is Quotable. They remembered what you said, that is what matters.

How would they remember your content? In combination with the first two Qs: Quick and Quippy. Your content is Quotable because it was Quick to read and was Quipped with the latest trends.

Before you make content, try going through these questions:

  1. Can they Quickly understand my content?

  2. Did I Quip my content with the latest trend?

  3. Can they Quote my content in a conversation?

Use Lyqa’s Three Qs of Content to elevate your Influencer Marketing. #ElevateInfluence



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