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The Success of Motherhood: Filipina Homebased Moms Unite for Mother's Day Event

Mothers are a gift, and they have definitely shaped our lives in ways we can’t even list down. For a few years, Filipina Homebased Moms had the chance to connect with Pinay moms all around the world, with the goal of supporting and transitioning them into empowering moms - who can still dream and flourish their own careers, even with the responsibilities of motherhood.


This year, FHMoms will be celebrating Mother's Day differently with their biggest event yet! As they raise the bar by organizing their first-ever face-to-face Mother's Day celebration from May 12 to May 14 at the Farmer's Plaza Activity Area in Araneta City, Quezon City. All moms and women who would like to celebrate are welcome!!!


Attendees can expect a range of exciting activities, such as the "MomMe Talk" where mothers can share their personal experiences and share helpful advice. Career Consultation sessions will also be available for those seeking guidance on their career path, there are also livelihood ideas that will let the moms explore possible income sources. Don't miss out the mommy entrepreneurs who will showcase their products and services where attendees can goods made with love, by our bazaaristas!


FHMoms has more in store with an exciting lineup of raffle prizes and giveaways, including a laptop provided by Tech Daddy Manila, a tablet, and other amazing items. Mayani, the Official Farm to Table Partner, will be hosting the Mayani Hakot Challenge where attendees can get fruits and vegetables for only Php499. There will also be booths of FHMoms' sponsors, where attendees can avail amazing services that will benefit their journey in freelancing or entrepreneurship.


FHMoms aims to provide a holistic 3-day motherhood celebration. This day is a chance for moms to rest, recharge, and build connections. Come and celebrate the hard work of moms from all walks of life. Don't miss out on the biggest Mother's Day event in the City of Firsts.

In partnership with Ellana, Hapee and Dazz, Mayani (Official Farms to Tables Partner, Tangere, Silver Swan, Tinybuds, Inna Circle, TNC, Smart Parenting, Blogapalooza, Dear iFM, iFM,RMN, DZRH Kaya Mo Yan!, The Manila Times, Daily Tribune, Pamilya Talk with Jing Castañeda, The CEO Talks, Valuepod, Connected Women, No Excuse Mom, Awesomely Intentional Mothers, Mommies of Panabo, Vavavoom PH and Nanayhood.

To find out more and register for the event, please visit this link:



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