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The Strength of Regional Influencers

#1:Regional influencers=higher engagement with the local market You may be wondering — if their audience is small, and their focus is more niche to a specific regional market, then why am I interested?

Influencers with a smaller audience feel like friends and family to your customer. Our recent study shows that these regional influencers have higher engagement rates than those bigger influencers. Using local geotagging, specific hashtags and connecting with their audience in an authentic way, the regional influencers will get your brand the best ROI. #2:They can establish your brand within the local market Another positive outcome of a regional influencer campaign is high levels of brand awareness. These campaigns can take a brand from an outsider in the market to a household favorite. Your company will be positioned as being part of the local community, which can be a great asset, especially in these uncertain times.

Regional influencer marketing is about establishing your brand within the local market. Your brand is able to leverage individuals who have an audience oriented in the chosen market. This can actually be a better tactic because the audience is more likely to take action since the content is very relevant to them. The local influencer is able to position your product with the right approach, while also already having some baseline knowledge. There’s far less convincing work to do and less risk involved.

#3:Creating Locally Relevant Content You should collaborate with local influencers (with a high local audience composition) because their job is going to be to create locally relevant content. Their location gives you a huge advantage and opportunity to create content that will resonate with people in that region.

Finding the right regional influencers can be challenging, but if you do your research and consider working with an agency, then your brand can benefits so much as it is not only cost-effective, but working with regional influencers gives your brand a more relatable image! You can collaborate with us here at Blogapalooza. Just send us an e-mail at so we can get started on your campaign, In the near future, we’ll likely see more brands collaborating with regional influencers for a wider and more diverse scale of influencer campaigns. Regional influencers have much potential to bring value to every collaboration. They know how to tell a story and are diligent in creating good content and engagements in a hyper-localized way. #InfluencerMarketing #RegionalInfluencers #Blogapalooza



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