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Elevate your Content Creation Journey with The Orange Club Advantage!

Ready to take your content creation journey to the next level? Looking for the perfect spot to unleash your creativity? Interested in getting into exciting collaborations and enjoying exclusive perks? Look no further! Welcome to The Orange Club — your ultimate exclusive membership package for content creators!

Gain Exclusive Access to the Bloga Creator Hub

The Orange Club members gain exclusive access to all the rooms at the Bloga Creator Hub, including the Self-shoot Studio, Glam Box, Livestream Room, and all the other spaces. Let your creativity roam free in every room without worrying about where to shoot or what equipment to use. Plus, with PLDT’s reliable and fast internet connection, you can get things done quickly!

Get Exclusive BlogaPlay Features

The Orange Club members get the chance to have exclusive features on BlogaPlay’s YouTube channel. Explore long-form video content creation and connect with a highly engaged audience that aligns with your niche and goals!

Get Invites to BCH Community Events

The Orange Club members get priority access to our carefully curated monthly workshops and other BCH Community Events. Be the first to join our events where you can expand your content creation skills and interact with fellow creators!

Be on the Priority List in Brand Pitches

The Orange Club members get to be short-listed and given priority during brand pitches. Seize the opportunity to collaborate with diverse brands and increase your reach!

If you're ready for these exciting perks and collaborations, register now by clicking the button below!* Send an email to for inquiries.

But wait, there’s more! Blogapalooza is offering exclusive early membership deals for the early birds. Don’t miss out on this limited offer!

*Please be advised that membership to The Orange Club is subject to approval. You will get a confirmation email once your registration is approved.



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