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The New Digital Trend: Double Day Sale

The double day sale of the month is just around the corner! Are you prepared for it?

Double day sales do not just double in date. They also double the sales, the promos, and the engagements beyond your KPI.

Statista mentioned a 14.59% growth rate and it looks enticing. This sounds like an opportunity for Digital Marketers to create new strategies and experiences for the consumers.

Time to get the Digital and Social Media teams up and running on the latest trends and behaviors!

What's the latest trend? Influencer Marketing and the premier agency for that is Blogapalooza.

Do not miss out on this trend! We made a checklist for you:

1. Prepare campaigns ahead of time. With the sale day plotted on the calendar, timetables should be aligned accordingly. Do the study, set those alignment meetings, brainstorm, iron out the details, and execute the plan. A campaign for you to consider? Influencer Marketing.

2. Details on your website and social media platforms must be up-to-date. Consumers are thorough with their research before purchase. Dot the I's and cross the T's.

3. Logistics and Payment Methods. Make sure that the couriers have a bulletproof tracking system and that your payment system is ready to accommodate multiple transactions.



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