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We all know how hard it is to do business nowadays with the current pandemic. A lot of businesses are really working hard to secure and comply with all the health and safety protocols so they can reopen and survive. Some large corporations are also facing financial crises and loses which pushed a lot of businesses to lay off employees or file for bankruptcy. With the goal to survive, each business is more competitive than ever especially when it comes to marketing, advertisements, and promotions despite having budget cuts. While entrepreneurs and brands are challenged to adapt to the new normal, an increase in the necessity for influencer marketing is seen.

Prior to the pandemic, brands were struggling to get the attention of consumers with all the noise online. Consumers were also extremely skeptical about brands that indulge in self-promotion. This is why brands who looked for an alternate approach learned to appreciate the power of influencers. Influencer marketing since then has become a favorite among digital marketers and business owners, where many brands are investing a significant amount of time and resources into executing successful influencer marketing campaigns. As we can see, marketers still trust in collaborating with influencers to help create online buzz about their brand despite this pandemic. They trust how every blogger, social media influencers and content creators can strengthen the brand’s reputation, improve audience engagement and increase conversions. Because these influencers have in-depth knowledge about certain subjects and are often real-life consumers , they can empower and motivate their followers to take desired actions. They share a strong rapport with their fans and that’s what distinguishes them from traditional celebrities. They harness the accessibility of social media to establish personal connections with and gain the trust of their followers. Nowadays, producers and sellers go online to do business and consumers are engaged in their mobile devices most of the time. Influencer marketing is gaining acceptance and popularity among business owners and marketers.

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