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The Big Deal About Bondee

A new social media platform has entered our radar and it's rising in popularity as we speak. Your friends' cute avatar with stylish clothes and accessories is from Bondee. It's a virtual world where you can interact with your friends, visit each others' rooms, share a photo or status, and make new friends along the way.

You start off by personalizing your avatar. Choose from a selection of skin colors, hairstyles, and face shapes, then dress them up with fun clothes and accessories.

Design your space your way! Whether it be a bedroom, an office, or a livingroom - the possibilities are endless.

Take your boat out and float, listening to relaxing music. Try tossing a bottle into the ocean and receive responses from strangers. You can interact with your surroundings and pick up fun surprises along the way.

Visit your friends' spaces and hangout virtually. You can poke, swing, and do fun stuff together. Don't forget to leave a sticky note on their walls and leave it as a surprise for them to find.

Set a cute update to let your friends know what you're up to, share photos/videos, and set a status all in one app. It's like Facebook, Twitter, and The Sims rolled into one. Try out Bondee for yourself and let us know what you think! Follow Blogapalooza to stay updated with the latest Influencer Marketing trends.



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