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Pros & Cons of AI

The AI Yearbook feature from a photo editing app EPIK is on the rise for 90s throwback content. After paying a one-time fee to credit the EPIK creators, the photos uploaded will be generated into yearbooks from the 90s powered by AI. Just like that, you have an instant collection of content for your socials. But, the question is how can Content Creators fully use AI?

AI algorithms have the ability to process and analyze large volumes of data such as user behavior, preferences, and trends. AI’s data-driven insights can help shape content calendars and personal branding.

AI can assist in automating daily Digital or Social Media tasks. For example, chatbots. With the right script created and set up, the first phase of communicating wouldn’t need human assistance. This saves time for Community or Customer Relation Managers to focus on a different phase of communicating with their clients.

AI can be your creative collaborator. Let’s say you run into writer’s block, an AI Creative tool for writing is there to assist. Simply input two or three words and AI will have a paragraph ready for you to gather inspiration from.

Too much is never advisable. Relying heavily on AI-generated content puts authenticity and originality at risk. AI lives and breathes on data, patterns, and algorithms. AI cannot replicate the emotional vibrancy of human creators.

In conclusion: Use AI without replacing the heart of your creativity. At the end of the day, you were already born and equipped with the skills and talents to create anything you want. The world is your canvas, create with everything you have access to.

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