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Philippine Junior Marketing Association Honors Member Schools with 36th General Assembly this Dec.

Manila, Philippines — December 2022: With this year’s theme, “The Spark of Wit and Breakthroughs”, the General Assembly will celebrate 36 years of marketing excellence through recognizing its member schools and this December 18, 2022, from 1:00 PM to 5:30 PM via Facebook Live.

As the largest student-led marketing organization, PJMA aims to honor the affiliates and collaborate with the members of the federation for the Academic Year 2022 - 2023 through the General Assembly. The annual conference highlights the mission, vision, and objectives of PJMA and the recognition of all member schools across the nation.

With notable industry leaders for speakers, engaging activities, and corporate partners' internship opportunities, this year’s General Assembly will definitely be taken to the next level for the attendees’ enjoyment.

The conference is set to host five talks that will emphasize establishing the path towards great success as a marketing student. The event will also highlight top-notch strategies and insights on personal branding, as well as other crucial skills, such as marketing plan creation, and project and events management. In a world where the marketing industry constantly faces dynamic changes, the event aims to impart business and marketing students with knowledge on how they can prepare to enter the corporate world, succeed in the field they choose, and find their own spark.

Attendees can tune in to the following talks:

  • Beaming the Path to Self-Branding

  • Crafting Top-notch Marketing Papers and Strategies

  • Electrifying Methods for Projects and Events

  • Right Plug to a Strong Web of Opportunities

  • A Spark that Leaves Legacy

Apart from its spectacular list of talks, the 36th General Assembly’s virtual Job Fair will be remarkably elevated as PJMA partners with MetroCity AI Inc., a recruitment automation platform that employs artificial intelligence and asynchronous interview videos to improve application and screening processes.

This year, the General Assembly aims to unleash the inner spark that every business and marketing student has with the help of Ms. Tricia Mae Mercado, the Vice President for Memberships and the Project Head of the conference.

"As the national federation of the local Junior Marketing Associations in the Philippines, we aim to assist the marketing and business students to excel in their chosen fields. In order for this to happen, the spark within themselves should be activated. This year, we want to highlight the junior marketers' journey to attaining breakthroughs and overcoming obstacles in the path to attaining success in marketing. Along with this, we will also feature what it takes to establish a strong identity and unique branding," Ms. Tricia shared.

"It will allow our guests to be open with the opportunities and experiences that will mold their characters and hone their capabilities as they set their foot in the business world."

She concludes her take on this year's theme saying, "This year's General Assembly will highlight the junior marketer's journey to wisdom and breakthroughs. Their own spark helps them create such breakthroughs, as well as ignite their aspirations to move forward and be the best versions of themselves. This will be the year of discovering the spark in each of us."

For inquiries, contact Ms. Tricia Mae Mercado at (0947) 632 0353 or email her at

About the Philippine Junior Marketing Association: It is recognized as the official youth affiliate of the Philippine Marketing Association (PMA) and the national alliance amongst Local Junior Marketing Association (JMA) organizations from different colleges and universities across the nation, with over 300 member schools and around 50,000 active junior marketers as of today.

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