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Making Lists and Checking Them Out

The busiest season of the year is upon us. People are crowding malls and stores to buy presents for their loved ones. We’re checking things off our lists and planning reunions with family and friends, all while juggling our daily 9-5s. Thankfully, content creators make the lives of consumers easier by finding better deals and fun ideas without compromising convenience.

Content creators share curated lists and recommendations based on their community and niche. These lists include links to the product recommendations and websites where the items can be purchased. The affiliated links may be used as partnerships with brands for specific products they want to promote. In return, content creators receive compensation based on clicks and number of purchases.

As the industry is constantly evolving, social media marketing finds ways to shorten the purchasing process, all while strengthening brand loyalty. Content creators are the stable bridge that keeps both sides connected. These are the people that encourage their communities to make their lists and check out.

Need content creators to promote your products on their curated Christmas lists? Send us an email at for Holiday collaborations!



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