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The New Influencer-Driven Way of Affiliate Marketing

Influencers are changing the affiliate marketing game thanks to two major factors. Let's take a look at them: Built on trust between influencer, brand, and followers

Consumers today trust influencers more than they trust traditional celebrity endorsements or ads. When you work with the right influencer for your brand, you will know that they have fostered an engaged community based on trust. Authentic influencers don't recommend products they don't use or trust themselves and their followers know that. This is what makes influencers the best ambassadors you can have for your brand. As real product users, they will advocate your brand and recommend your products more times than the average consumer or traditional publishers. Influencers give testimonials, demos, and calls-to-action all at once

Influencers are content creators so the way they will promote your brands is by delivering quality content for their followers. Most content creators use a combination of sharing a personal experience with the product, a demonstration, and call-to-action such as swipe up links on their stories that leads to where their followers can find your brand.

Influencers help their audiences go through the sales funnel from awareness down to consideration and even purchase but in a way that is very personal and authentic.

Marketers have seen a huge potential of Affiliate Marketing leveraging the strength and power of influencer marketing. In the local scene, we’ve witnessed how Lazada Philippines and Shopee Philippines both aggressively educate and onboard influencers (from nano to mega) onto their own affiliate program.

Need help looking for influencers for your Affiliate Marketing Program?

Send your brief with one of our Sales Managers who after learning more about what you're looking to do, can recommend you the appropriate approach, content creators, and a detailed quote. You can also send your inquiries or other concerns to #InfluencerMarketing #AffiliateMarketing



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