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Influencer Marketing Campaign Ideas for the Holiday Season

September is here and that means the beginning of a Christmas countdown in the Philippines. It is still very challenging for a lot of brands to come up with preparations especially with the COVID-19 situation but we must still be ready for the holiday season in hopes to bounce back from the previous months. 

This year will definitely be different as more consumers would rely more on social media channels for holiday inspiration due to ongoing pandemic restrictions. It is a wise move to engage with the right influencers if you want to have more visibility and authentic content.

Here are a few ideas to help you get started on your influencer marketing holiday campaign:

For food brands, you can have the influencers tell stories about their favorite holiday food. It is also a bonus if they can recall dishes where they can associate it with their favorite childhood memories. They can also share some of their favorite Noche Buena recipes incorporating your brand and encourage their followers to try making it. Influencers you can consider for this kind of campaign are foodies, moms who prepare dishes for the family, and chefs/ cooking enthusiasts.

A lot of young audiences go to TikTok and Instagram for ideas and inspiration so we recommend working with influencers who are on these platforms.

For fashion brands, they can create short videos on Holiday Outfit Ideas with your brand's latest collection and even provide styling tips and hacks to their followers. They can also incorporate relevant challenges to increase the views on their content.

For brands who can create gift sets for the holidays, you should collaborate with lifestyle influencers to highlight your brand in creating a gift guide content. With the ongoing quarantine, easy and accessible care packages would be a big hit when it comes to gift giving during the holiday season. You can even give your influencers their own discount code to attract more purchases from their followers.

With most people staying at home, you should also consider promoting products for their home or DIY Holiday activities. Create a giveaway promotion with your selected influencers to spread some holiday cheer during this difficult time. Remember that this season is all about giving so if you can, do some charitable acts and make sure that you adapt to what your consumers need in our current situation.



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