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Get a FREE COPY of our Regional Study on Influencer Marketing

Almost all of the industries and brands have explored Influencer Marketing as part of their marketing tactics, which is definitely an advantage to the influencer industry. This goes to show that Influencer Marketing is one of the effective tactics for brands to authentically connect to consumers and engage with them today and in the coming years ahead.

As the Philippines' premiere influencer marketing company, we wanted to to introduce regional influencers to marketers and help them recognize how they can leverage these local influencers for their marketing campaigns. Find out when is the best time to include regional communities in campaign executions.

Influencer Marketing has been a core part of marketing strategies and has seen exponential growth in the past few years. Based on Blogapalooza’s study on 2021 Influencer Marketing Insights, there is indeed a surge in influencer marketing in advertising. Marketers continue to see the effectiveness and value of investing towards influencers as a proven marketing tactic in reaching both a targeted and wider audience.

In the current state of the industry in the Philippines, influencers are rising rapidly and we’ve seen it firsthand as our community has continued to grow since 2020, most especially with emerging influencers across the country. Within our existing network of influencers, bloggers, storytellers, and content creators, a chunk of this ecosystem comes from the National Capital Region (NCR). However, figures from various regions outside of the NCR are expanding as more young people across the country set their sights on becoming influencers. Some brands have started rolling out campaigns at a larger scale by including such regional influencers. This is the best time to deep dive into these rising influencers from provinces and answer the vital questions - who are they, what can they do, and how they can help in marketing and promotions.

In the near future, we’ll likely see more brands collaborating with regional influencers for a wider and more diverse scale of influencer campaigns. Regional influencers have much potential to bring value to every collaboration. They know how to tell a story and are diligent in creating good content and engagements in a hyper-localized way. Get a free copy of our study here. #InfluencerMarketing #Blogapalooza



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