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Facebook's Creator Studio Tool Instagram Update! 😍

Now your brand can be more efficient on managing your Instagram content!

After recently incorporating Instagram into the Creator Studio, Facebook is now testing a new feature within its Creator Studio dashboard. You are now able to see a calendar overview of your Instagram post activity - both past and scheduled. If you have the new calendar option which you can find on the left hand side in your Instagram Tab .The calendar shows all of your Instagram posts, with separate icons for single image updates, carousels, stories, and more.

Now it is so much easier to create your IG strategy since you can now schedule your Instagram feed and IGTV posts using Creator Studio for up to six months in advance!

We still can't schedule IG stories using the platform however the calendar does display them as you can see in our screenshot above, the posts with a timer icon are Stories posts. The addition of this calendar definitely adds value to Creator Studio making it an important tool in managing your brand's social media. Speaking of your brand's social media, make sure to incorporate influencer marketing in your digital strategies for 2021 to really reach your audience and achieve your business goals! Send us an e-mail at if you want to collaborate with the country's first and longest-running influencer marketing company. We'd be happy to help you with all your influencer marketing needs.



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