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Erika Kristensen and Jazper Tiongson Empower Aspiring Events Hosts with “Mastering the Mic” Workshop

Spot Talent Management announces an upcoming dynamic events hosting workshop titled “Mastering the Mic: An Introduction to Hosting” with two of its brilliant and versatile hosts of today-- Erika Kristensen and Jazper Tiongson

Welcoming all hosting skill levels, the 6-hour workshop is set to impart proper and effective hosting especially to budding talents, and develop confidence through speaking amongst all attendees. This workshop will teach better presence on stage, captivating all kinds of audiences. 

Part of the workshop is to make known how public speaking is vital to personal development and more importantly, unlock the earning opportunities through event hosting. Erika Kristensen, one of the mentors, is a professional events host, radio jock, TVC model, advocate, and a beauty queen. She is also a business graduate of De La Salle University. “This workshop will equip you with the skill to truly shine on stage and to know how you can make the audience a part of the whole experience,” says Erika. “The events industry is always in high demand. You need to make the most of it.” 

A passionate creative singer-songwriter, dancer, actor, content creator, and advertising consultant, Jazper Tiongson is also one of the mentors. He has always been known to be a highly contagious energy stage on the stage and on-cam. With more than two decades of hosting experience, every event is remarkable when he leads it. 

“I am excited to share the tools you need to launch a successful career,” Jazper adds. “This workshop will help you leave a lasting impact and land your dream event hosting opportunities.” 

On top of the valuable insights, the participants will enjoy meeting new people in the industry and a chance to win raffle prizes and giveaways. 

From seamless transitions, and keeping the audience engaged to learning the art of asking the right questions, “Mastering the Mic: An Introduction to Hosting” is set to bring out the better and bolder host in every participant. 

Workshop Details: 

● Date: March 24, 2024 

● Time: 10:00AM-4:00PM 

● Location: Fifth on 5th, PSE Tower 

To secure your slot, you may scan the QR code below on the poster or head to this link to sign up -



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