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Can Businesses Bounce Back with Influencer Marketing in the New Normal?

These past few months have been really challenging for each of us. Some businesses had to shut down while some are still struggling to survive. The COVID-19 outbreak has really disrupted the marketing revenue and as a result, most brands expect to decrease their ad spend for the rest of the year. This shift has greatly influenced how we will adjust our approach to marketing in the coming months.

With limited ad budgets to save financial resources, companies are now being careful in allocating their budgets but we've seen that the demand of influencer marketing has been increasing over the last few months. The growing realization across brands, improved metrics, and codes of practice that create an effective customer engagement is leading to a resurgence of this marketing model in some categories and a large number of companies are leveraging it. The governments-mandated lockdowns have also given the rise of influencer marketing.

With people staying at home due to COVID-19, influencers, content creators, and vloggers are getting much time and have a great opportunity to boost their engagement with people. We've seen a huge increase of Instagram and Facebook Live views, and YouTube is currently working on meeting the increased demand for live streaming.

In this crisis time, trusted social media influencers continue to be a viable source of information and an effective, authentic way to communicate with a large audience base. The pandemic, in some ways, has stimulated changes  and businesses are actively looking at this industry as an opportunity to bounce back in the new normal. Influencers are not only an effective source of entertainment  today but they are also a powerful voice that consumers cannot only resist but follow them on different social media platforms as well. Influencer marketing is definitely on the rise and will continue be an effective way for brands to relay information  to large audiences post the pandemic. With our mission to #ElevateInfluence , we have partnered with Bounce Back PH to help small businesses with our #InfluencerMarketing services in hopes to help the community bounce back from this crisis.

Are you also interested in growing your business? Send us a message below or e-mail us at and we'll be happy to help you with our influencer marketing services!



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