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Building a Successful Influencer Marketing Campaign

Influencer marketing is getting increasingly popular among brands especially now that we are experiencing a shift on how consumers make purchase decisions online. However, we have noticed that many people do not have a clear idea of how to create an effective influencer marketing program. The key to building a successful influencer marketing campaign is to have a good collaboration with your influencers. It's all about creating a win-win relationship with them so that they can grow together with your brand. Here are a few tips to keep in mind to help you increase your chances of creating a successful influencer marketing campaign :

When you collaborate with influencers, it is a good idea to give them the freedom to create the content for your brand since they are the ones who understand how to meaningfully engage with their audience. Gone are the days where brands would provide scripts and strict guidelines for influencers. Content creators should maintain their own personality because they are human beings, not your brand's extended social media platform. You need to trust them as creators know the best way to come up with an approach where their followers can enjoy the content an at the same time remember your brand's message.

In creating an influencer campaign, you should spend enough time to really understand the identity of the content creators you want to collaborate with in order to create a campaign that will incorporate their persona. To select the most suitable niche influencer, it is important to see how the product or service you need to promote coordinates with the content they create. We do not recommend forcing your campaign to an influencer when their personality and what they stand for is not a good fit to your brand. The reason why fans follow content creators is because they can relate with them and what they stand for. These content creators have already established their own identity and a successful collaboration would require looking for an influencer that would best fit the brand. The content creator needs to seamlessly integrate the brand in their content and they can only do that if it they stay true and authentic. That way, their audience would also feel that the collaboration is realistic and not fake.

More and more consumers are now turning into social media videos with the given situation. YouTube videos are not the only ones getting more views, but Instagram's live stories, IGTV, & TikTok videos are increasingly popular these days. When popular Instagram influencers stream longer content to their massive followings, they are able to offer their followers a deeper human connection which then results to being able to capture a lot of attention and having an opportunity to share information and give more value to their audience.



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